How to set goals you can actually achieve

Me sliding into the new year
What happened to your 2017 resolutions? (highlight below)😎 I achieved all of them 😊 I achieved some of them😇 I made a valiant effort

“Aren’t you supposed to be a designer?”

Accelerating legal discovery with AI

What’s ediscovery?

Guiding document reviewers through a digital labyrinth

Reviewers need a way to find related documents.

Reviewers want to identify relevant documents as quickly as possible. If a certain document is relevant, adjacent documents are likely to be relevant.

A simple system for a complicated use case

Lawyers need to reference documents, but only the important parts.

Documents are key to trial preparation, in things like building arguments and deposing witnesses. Everlaw has its own version of Google Docs called Outlines for lawyers to collaborate on materials leading up to a trial.

Protecting users from worst-case scenarios

People expected Scannable to backup their scans. They weren’t happy when they found out it didn’t.

Scannable was designed to be lightweight: scan your document, send it somewhere, never look back. It never stored your scans, because presumably, it didn’t need to. The original team figured you wouldn’t need the scans once a digital copy existed somewhere, and wanted to avoid the feature bloat common in…

Bryant Peng

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