How Robert Ramos scams new business owners

I got a letter yesterday. Apparently, a company I’d recently registered had a bill for $84. That’s interesting — it hadn’t started operating yet.

I read it again, and realized what was happening.

Red flags ⛳️

  1. There was no mention of this “requirement” during the registration process. If it was this important, shouldn’t it have come up?
  2. I’ve never seen these posters in any workplace I’ve been in.
  3. No government seal at the top.
  4. The government operates out of a random office suite off the highway?
  5. (not .gov)

I was lucky enough to spot the signs, but not everyone knows what to look for. New business owners tend to be in a vulnerable place; taking advantage of that by threatening a $17,000 fee is pretty hexed.

I looked it up, and the owner of is a man named Robert Ramos. I’m not going to post his contact information because the point isn’t to hunt down one guy. It’s a reminder that there are a lot more Robert Ramos’s and Labor Compliance Departments in the world, and you should always check their story…especially if they’re asking you for money.

…but just so you know, you can find the owner of any domain (along with their contact information) using a WHOIS Search. As an example, here’s the result for

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