Really thorough write up! A few notes:

  • I love how detailed you were in documenting your process.
  • The annotations are awesome, great presentation throughout!
  • Maybe consider some other UX methods besides interview next time, I feel like card sorting might have been useful here. Here’s a great list.
  • I’m not familiar with affinity mapping but it’s odd that you put the Bean Shop so low on business value. If anything, it should have the most business value because that’s how they make their money. In general I don’t understand how that visualization is useful.
  • Not sure a tiny slider is the best input experience for age and height. In Preferences too. Needs testing, but my intuition is that manual entry is easier and less prone to error.
  • The donut timer is cute!
  • I wish your personas and the fake accounts in Chats were more diverse; small detail, but it matters.
  • Surfacing the Profile menus previously hidden under “Edit” was really cool, I like the insights that led up to that decision.

I’m being picky but it was really solid overall. Great first piece!

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